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The American Broadcasting Company, commonly known as ABC, is a commercial broadcast television network under the Walt Disney Company, home to critically acclaimed series, Abbott Elementary.


For their inaugural activation at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, ABC wanted to bring Abbott Elementary to life in a way that would stand out at one of the most crowded experience stages in the world.


As a riff on the setting of the popular mockumentary-style series, we brought the fictional Willard R. Abbott Elementary to life by building the school directly on the SDCC grounds. Attendees were greeted by “fellow teachers”, who guided them through the halls, office, and classroom of the school to prepare them for their first day of teaching; stopping along the way for interactive activities aligning with the teacher orientation theme.

For familiar fans, several Easter eggs were found within the rooms, while those unfamiliar with the show were educated on what to expect from this award-winning comedy. Guests relaxed in the school bus lounge while enjoying performances from the Abbott Step Crew and Double Dutch jumpers or watching full episodes of Abbott Elementary streaming inside. Abbott-branded gym bags with exclusive pins were up for grabs each day of the activation.

To give back, we teamed up with Scholastic to fund classrooms, and personally give thanks to the teachers who made a difference in attendees’ lives.


Over the four days of SDCC, we saw over 5000+ attendees who left with over 15,000+ items of branded Abbott giveaways. Over 5,500+ gifs and photo ops were created within the school activation, and $5000 was donated back to classrooms as a result of our partnership with Scholastic.

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