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Disney+ is a streaming service, home to films and television shows from the dedicated Disney flagship brands under the Walt Disney Company umbrella. San Diego Comic-Con 2022 presented an opportunity to bring this primarily online platform to life for fans of the iconic brand and its well-known programming.


With San Diego Comic-Con being one of the most highly attended experience stages in the world, we were challenged to carve out a fun, family-friendly branded space for fans to enjoy all things Disney+.


Utilizing the Hilton San Diego Bayfront’s newest event space, The Pointe, we created the Disney Bundleworks Factory: an immersive experience set in the power plant that fuels the fictional Bundletown. The indoor, air-conditioned space showcased and educated attendees of the possibilities of the many offerings of the Disney Bundle through an interactive “Production Pipeline”. Guests continued their Factory tour to play an array of themed arcade games, earning branded goodies from Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. Finally, fans enjoyed a refreshing customized slushie mixture in the “Break Room”, complete with candy toppings.

The Disney+ Convention Center Exhibit is where the Disney+ branded merchandise line made its debut. The custom merchandise, designed by Creative Riff, featured design-forward illustrations on a variety of apparel and accessories, appealing to a wide array of demographics across the fan spectrum. The exhibit space also featured a Marvel-branded photo op, allowing fans to step into their favorite stories and share on their social media channels.


Throughout the four day event weekend, we welcomed 4500+ fans into the Marvel-branded photo op, saw 3900+ guests in our retail booth, and guided over 3000+ guests through the Bundleworks Factory.

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