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The Walt Disney Company streaming service, Disney+, is home to existing and original films and television shows from the dedicated Disney flagship brands.


As a primarily online platform experienced at home, Disney+ wanted to create a long-term “in-real-life” experience for fans of the streaming service, and of the Disney brand as a whole.


We linked the IP of Disney+ to the activity of going to the movies – blurring the lines of people’s personal entertainment worlds. We wanted to capture audiences who escape to rich worlds with an immersive excitement of known Disney IRL properties, while enhancing a collectible and shareable moment that clearly represents the content and brands of Disney+.

We transformed the lower lounge space of the venerable El Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard into an immersive Disney+ activation. The long-term pop-up installation allowed movie-goers to step into the world of four unique Disney+ productions, with irresistible photo ops that created surprise and delight, and encouraged sharing on social media.

The design-forward space featured four vignettes: a Star Wars-inspired infinity room of lightsabers, an Encanto-themed floral wall, a Lightning McQueen Cars display, and a Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness kaleidoscopic Zoetrope.


The Disney+ IRL space was open for movie-goers before and after each featured show time. During the three month time frame, the activation saw more than 13,900+ guests, with multiple press announcements and countless organic social media posts created.

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