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#FXSDCC 2023

FX is a paid television channel, hosting fan-favorite series including American Horror Story: Delicate, What We Do in the Shadows, A Murder at the End of the World, and Shōgun.


In anticipation of the new season releases, FX wanted to promote four shows together in a fresh, impactful way, while retaining what makes each series unique.

The FX promotion took place within San Diego Comic-Con; an event featuring over 1000 exhibitors and nearly 2000 hours of programming. Residing within the San Diego Convention Center and outdoor spaces, our goal was to create an immersive experience, highlighting 2 known FX programs while introducing fans to 2 new upcoming shows.


Our riffing started around what’s universally scary: the dark. We rooted the experience in the quieter times within ComicCon so FX could “own the night”.

Our approach was to take fans on a trip through the FX universe, by highlighting the horror and dark humor found in FX’s legacy IPs, American Horror Story and What We Do In The Shadows through large-scale builds and activations.

We utilized immersive lighting, projection mapping, and exclusive night-time performances and content – effectively maximizing the potential for audience attendance and engagement and connecting the IP to the genre.


By creating an experience that highlighted both the FX brand and 4 properties, #FXSDCC 2023 garnered 44 pieces of press coverage spanning industry, trade and niche publications resulting in a reach of 67.2M. With 32,000+ attendees overall, the activation saw a 720% attendance increase from 2022, a 468% increase in night attendance from 2022, and 28,000+ social engagements total.

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