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Paid television channel, FX, is home to acclaimed programming; many of which overlap with target audiences attending the annual San Diego Comic-Con event, featuring over 1000 exhibitors and nearly 2000 hours of unique programming.


Wanting to present multiple fan-favorite series – including: American Horror Stories, What We Do in the Shadows, Mayans M.C. and Little Demon – the challenge we faced was combining the varied and wide-ranging themes into one cohesive and continuous large-scale experience.


Instead of trying to blend the IPs together, we took advantage of their differences in literal twists and turns of an exploratory 100,000 sq ft space.

We cultivated an immersive, stimulating living garden in SDCC, taking inspiration from the featured FX series. Within the winding labyrinth, guests found their way through an evolving, walkable experience that changed to represent each unique program – with no shortage of exciting photo ops throughout.

FX fans explored scenes depicting a nightclub, an amphitheater, and a sculpture garden, as actors kept them on their toes with unexpected surprises. This beautiful yet haunting experience was complete with lush greenery, strange characters, and direct visual ties to each FX show. With unique day and night experiences, fans also enjoyed a moonlit preview of the Little Demons series premiere within the activation.


The FX-themed immersive garden had a total social reach of over 4M, including over 17M unique impressions, over 24,000+ unique engagements, and highly favorable press mentions overall.

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