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FX, a paid television channel, is home to highly acclaimed shows as well as new original programming. Kindred, a genre-bending, science fiction television series, was announced to premiere in 2022 on Hulu.


Based on the 1979 novel of the same title, written by science fiction author Octavia E. Butler, the unique original series, spanning multiple genres and covering heavy topics, required an equally unique strategy to market the premiere in a fresh, exciting, and relevant way.


With time travel being a prevalent theme in both the book and namesake series, we made this fantastical concept of going backward and forward a focal point in the activation. We wanted guests to experience and explore exhibitions that brought to life the many contributing genres.

We created FX Kindred: A Gallery Through Time within the black-owned Band of Vices gallery, inviting guests to travel back in time from modern day Los Angeles to the nineteenth-century antebellum south. The experiential, multimedia art exhibition spanned two spaces to mirror the time-traveling experience within the series.

The modern-day room featured a display of contemporary art, paired with a flower display for photo ops, with present-day R&B music to complete the space. Moving into the ‘past’ room, the aroma of leather and harvest spice filled the air, complete with foliage lined walls and the subtle sounds of wind blowing. The center of the room featured a dinner table with the tools and ingredients needed to make a traditional southern dish.

The immersive installation was carefully curated to not only align with the themes of time and duality, but to also highlight and promote Black emerging artists. Attending guests also received a complimentary copy of Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred.


Over the 2-day gallery activation, we welcomed over 500+ guests into the experience, and distributed 500+ books to attendees. The event garnered international press across a wide spectrum of outlets including Hola!, People, TV Guide Magazine, Vogue, Extra TV, British Vogue, Fab TV, and ENews! to name a few.

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