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The Fox Broadcasting Company, commonly known simply as Fox, is an American commercial broadcast television network. Monarch, a multi-generational musical drama television series, was the first in-house production of Fox Entertainment Studios in 2022.


Debut both Monarch and the new Fox studio division in an exciting and memorable way.


At the center of the series is the Roman family – the first family of country music. On the weekend before the premiere we leaned into the country theme with a juxtaposed experience that brought Austin to NYC with The Monarch Pop-Up Shop. Fans were welcomed into the limited-time storefront in the popular SOHO neighborhood during New York Fashion week where a variety of on-theme partners filled the space with shoppable merchandise, entertainment, activities, and giveaways.

Allen Boots and Union Western showcased bespoke attire, alongside the all-new jewelry collection in collaboration with Nyrelle, inspired by jewelry worn in the show. Live music and guitar education was provided by Fret Zealot, while guests enjoyed a custom-made cocktail using Truthteller 1839 – a bourbon whiskey made specifically for the upcoming show. Monarch-branded goodies, including hats and bandanas, were customized and gifted, while roping demonstrations took place amongst multiple unique photo ops to really lasso the country theme.


The pop-up experience welcomed 1,201 guests – 407 of those taking advantage of music-themed photo ops for social sharing; and 820 lucky attendees walked away with customized merch giveaways.  Over a dozen press outlets attended the preview event with features in Variety and Daily Mail, as well as event industry pubs Event Marketer Magazine and Biz Bash.

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