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Fox is a commercial broadcast television network. In 2016, popular science-fiction series The X-Files was set to make its return to the network.


After a 14-year hiatus, the return of the popular 90s sitcom demanded not just an announcement, but an exciting and socially shareable moment to celebrate the 2016 revival.

Largely touted as a top cult-fan favorite, it was crucial that fans were provided with an exciting and on-brand experience to welcome the show back for the 10th season.


Conspiracy and intrigue created by the X-Files tagline “the truth is out there” was our jumping off point to reignite interest. For our storytelling centerpiece we created a UFO crash site in the center of The Grove in LA to promote the two-part X-Files series premiere on Fox. The oversized 25 ft by 16 ft structure attracted crowds of fans, shoppers, and diners, as they stopped for photos while “investigators” outfitted in hazmat suits inspected the area. To encourage social sharing, those who uploaded photos to social media with #TheXFiles received complimentary X-Files cupcakes.

We invited LA bloggers, influencers, and super fans to attend an advanced screening of The X-Files at the Grove’s 400-seat movie theater. Attendance far exceeded expectations, which prompted us to add a second screening, allowing us to nearly double our exposure of the premiere episodes.


Our “crash-landing” generated over 68 million social media impressions, with a reach of over 26 million. We achieved over 34,000+ on-site impressions and welcomed over 600 attendees to the premiere screening at The Grove.

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